Monday, 27 February 2017

Server Reboot

Every now & again new software needs installing to keep the server safe & secure.  Today is one of those days, so Support are going to be rebooting us to finish off the installation process.  We'll be down for a few minutes in the near future, but fret not.  We will be back.

Whilst I'm writing, last week we upgraded the method by which the users log into the forum to add an extra layer of security to the process, which is called SSL or Secure Sockets Layer.  It involves the protocol https:// where the S stands for SECURE.  More security is always good, and it also secures the critical backroom where we change the settings of the server etc. too, which is even better.  The main site is still served via http:// which is fine for now, but one day soon we'll be moving the whole site to https:// so our members can be confident that we take their privacy and security very seriously.

Who knows?  By the time you've finished reading this, it might all be over.  If not, go have a coffee or a tea.  Mondays always seem better with more caffeine. ;)

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