Thursday, 10 November 2016

Upgrading the server

We've not been offline for a while, so I thought I'd break the server.  No, not really, but we had a bit of a chug this morning, so I've been talking to support about updating some of the software that runs the database.  I was going to post an announcement, but they were too efficient and have started the upgrade without me, taking the server's web server offline.  I've been checking on the server stats since it went down, and we've got the lowest loading I've ever seen 0.02.  We usually hit around 2-8 on an average day.  The database is being processed to cope with the update, so we should be back up soon, although I can't give an actual timescale, as I don't have any experience with this particular task.  it'll take as long as it takes :)

Bear with us in the meantime, and please accept our humblest apologies if we've disrupted your lunch time browsing.

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