Thursday, 9 July 2015

Times are changing

I'm doing an additional backup of the forum database as I write this, which seems to have slowed the forum to a crawl.  Why am I doing this?  because we're going to have to move our forum to the latest version of the software if we're to retain support from Invision (it is the way of things), so we've been looking into it for a few months now, running a backup server on the new version without bothering you guys with it.

One of the jobs left to do is convert the database to a different character set, which might not sound like much, but as we have over 1.5m posts, and the database is about 3.4gb, that's a fairly large job.  it's also a one-way conversion, which is why I'm doing an extra backup.

I'm over half way through the task now, so it shouldn't be long, after which the server should return to somewhere near normal :)


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