Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Minor version upgrade

We're currently running an FTP upload to install all the files for a minor verison update that cures some of the problems that Internet Explorer users have been having.  IE breaks some accepted internet standards for some unknown reason, so their browser hasn't been working too well with the forum software.  IPS have written some new code specifically for them, so IE users that didn't get sick of nothing working should have a better experience from here on in.

While we're updating there will be the occasional transient error when you click something or refresh a page.  I've had a few already myself, and pressing F5 after a few seconds has succeeded in loading the target page that generated the error.  As soon as the software has finished uploading, I'll run the upgrade process after taking the forum down.

All being well we should be back up soon after unless I've screwed up, in which case I'll keep you updated here :)

EDIT: Apart from our posting toolbars disappearing temporarily, and the drop-down menus not working, everything went fine, and it didn't take long to get them working again.  One of the developers looked into what was happing, and it was an out-of-date cache file that was preventing these things from happening.  Now it has been deleted, we're good to go :)


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