Monday, 21 July 2014

We're Moving!

Hello folks.  With a little bit less notice than I'd have liked, our far-too-efficient support people have transferred all the data to the new server, so I've switched us off for the time being to stop anyone from posting things that will be lost when the DNS propogates.

The propogation could take between 4-6 hours to take effect, so please bear with us.  The main change you'll notice is that the new server will be online, and if you refresh you'll see an open forum rather than the "we are closed" message.

Once the DNS has propogated, I might take the server offline and carry out a few post-move preventative maintenance tasks, but I'll make sure that a different offline message takes the place of the old one.

Bear with us, thanks for your patience, and if you're having to talk to the family, do some work or something else to fill your time, I'm truly sorry for your loss ;)

UPDATE:  17:50 The new server is running, but a lot of the graphics and buttons are screwed up due to caching issues.  I'm working on those, so please refrain from posting until I can actually take the forum offline to do it behind the scenes.

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