Monday, 21 July 2014

We moved

Well that was fun! :)  Actually, as server moved go, it wasn't too bad.  The DNS took only about 2 hours to refresh my end, but your mileage may vary.  When it came back, there were some weird text and graphical glitches that it turned out were caused by a folder not copying across properly.

So far so good, but keep your eyes peeled for any errors, and if you should have any, report them all with screenshots, full text and descriptions of the issue to help us in resolving it sooner.

Now I need to relax.  What's on telly? :)  No rest for the wicked!

Looks like some unfortunate folks are still looking at the old "closing down" notice on their computers, because their DNS hasn't yet updated, or their computers have stored a cache of the site. 

Flushing your DNS Cache (Windows)
To flush your DNS cache from a Windows machine type "ipconfig /flushdns" at a command prompt (don't omit the space before the slash) or in the RUN box on the start menu. Then hard-refresh your browser using the instructions below:

To Hard Refresh your Browser
To speed browsing, Browsers cache commonly used files, which reduces the download on a page that shares files and code with other pages you have been viewing.  That's cool until the page is updated to clear a bug or similar, when a hard-refresh of everything on the page becomes necessary.  To do that, Press CTRL+F5 in Firefox & IE, CTRL+SHIFT+R in Chrome, and Opt+Cmd+E for Safari in Mac.

If any of your buddies can't get in yet, pass this onto them :)



  1. Hi Mike,

    Still seeing the old closed page after follwing your instructions,
    any idea as what to do next?

  2. I am the same, I am getting the 'closed' page after following the instructions, and also on my phone browser which is a brand new phone, and never visited the forum on it


  3. I know one of you has since been sorted, but Phil - have you tried any of my later suggestions yet? :)