Thursday, 20 February 2014

You snooze, you lose

I woke up to a down server and a number of messages on my phone from friends that help out with keeping me informed when I'm away from my PC.  I couldn't even get in via the text based SSH interface, so Support were called, and they're working on it.  I'm a bit late posting this as I was busily sanding away at the intakes of the L-29 Delfin I'm building during the down-time.  Sorry 'bout that! :$

EDIT:  As of 15:41 we're back :)  A reboot was done after some investigation, so the forum is back and running.

EDIT: 11:29 21st Feb 2014 and it's off again.  We got a quick response from support and they're looking into it.  Sorry for the interruption folks, but we'll resume normal service as soon as we're able :)

EDIT: 12:50 and some database errors that weren't immediately evident have cropped up now we're using it again, so I've set a repair process in motion.  The server will be unresponsive or slow until this has finished, so bear with us.



  1. Hello Mike, I commiserate entirely as I too was trying to post when things went gnarly. All the best. hope to see her running again soon.

  2. Thanks Graham - the IT guys do all the work though. I just sit here and do what I can in between drinking coffee and checking how they're doing. I wish I could do more really, but my knowledge of the internal workings of servers is minimal at this time.

    1. Hello Mike, I don't think the average user realises just how much effort is involved being responsible for a site. Keep up the good work, I'll be there when it comes back - if only to finish a trade!!
      Cheers, Dave