Thursday, 8 August 2013

Not sorry at all!

Hello everyone.  I thought I'd just get in touch to say that the move to the new server has resulted in excellent stability, so we've not really had any need to make any posts.  good news for our members, but not so great for the blog's post count.  Like I'm worried about that! :)

I've added an extra link in the handy links section to the right, which takes you directly yo Google's checking page for malware.  As well as the well known Google offering, there is also still the unmaskparasites and securi sites, which are independent companies that provide a free check in the hope that you'll purchase services from them if your site is found to be infected.

So no news is good news on this blog, and long may that continue.  Come and join us for a chat on Britmodeller anytime, and if you enjoy the site, we could certainly use your help by way of a donation to keep the site's new server going :)

Hopefully we won't see you soon over here though ;)