Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Access Issues due to corrupt DNS Entries

For some reason there seems to be a corrupted entry in some ISP's DNS Server databases relating to Britmodeller.  Because of the way these databases are propogated across the net from the primary servers, it may or may not spread to your ISP's DNS server, and may possibly come and go if you are affected.

If it affects you, you can change your computer or your router's primary DNS entry to, which is Google's primary DNS server. This will get you into Britmodeller until the corrupted entry is expunged by the next round of updates (usually around 24 hours)

You may not be affected, but if you are at some point, at least now you know what to do :o)


  1. Well with the google DNS servers there's no name resolution, and checking the Whois database the domain expired on the 14th of march, which will explain why ISP's cached DNS servers are purging the record....

  2. Well checking the Root name servers,and the Whois database, and britmodeller.com does not exist....

    The Whois record was updated yesterday, and the host's name servers have an address for the domain. for britmodeller.com for www.britmodeller.com

    but neither seems to be the forum we know and love........