Monday, 5 July 2010

Site Down for Maintenance

However, I've not been notified of anything, so I've contacted tech support to see what the score is.  Please bear with us in the meantime :)

UPDATE: A filesystem issue meant the site had to be taken offline, but it is now back online.  There might be a little instability over the next few hours though, so be patient if it hiccups.  make a cup of char, do a bit of modelling, or have a chat with a family member for 10 minutes.


  1. are you sure you didnt break it mike or let the little one have a play

  2. He was asleep at the time, so he's out of the frame. It was a file system issue and Tech Support had to take the site offline without warning as it was causing the web server to hang (not good).

    Looks to be sorted though, but it's possible that it may go up and down a bit over the next few hours, so start up a chat on the Facebook page if you get bored ;o)

  3. Umm, is it me, or has something happened again :( im getting an IPS driver error?