Wednesday, 30 December 2009

We are down... Looking into the why & wherefore shortly

There's not much point in looking for reasons in the first few minutes of an outage, as it's often caused by transient problems, so just sit tight and I'll update this post once it's back up, or I know what the score is.

UPDATE 14:14:  Could be something a bit icky, as our host's sites are also affected.  That sounds more like an internet issue that's preventing "us" getting to the server on which we're hosted, which probably means we'll need to be patient.  If something pops up later, I'll let you know.

RESOLUTION: It was a problem with the UPS, which somehow tripped their switches, leaving a big bunch of servers without power.  It took a little while to get access to reset them, but they managed to get it up & running again in a couple of hours.


  1. Thanks for the update Mike ...

    back to aeroscale for a bit then I guess...

    of course I could start my 32nd Hasegawa Fw 190 A ..which i just opened and quickly closed up again !!

  2. G'wan! Start doing a little modelling. You know you want to! ;o)

  3. "Transient network problems" stop stealing my excuses.

  4. Put the word out on the Facebook Group as well Mike

  5. Oh no hopw can I cope, I am stuck at work with no Britmodeller!


  6. typical - finished the HB Tornado, corrected all the errors, and the sites gone J Arthur! :)

  7. Thanks for keeping us informed Mike.
    I'll keep checkin back.

    Untill then I've got a Vac-formed Grumman Guardian to complete.

    Dazie. ;-{]

  8. The staff must've gone home early for New Year ;)