Friday, 23 October 2009

Not much to report yet today...

I thought I'd better say hello, even though there's not much to report at this stage today.  I've spoken to our hosts again, and the net closes in on the hacker(s).

I'm hoping that we'll be back online at some point today, but it's obviously in the hands of our hosts, so I can't be 100% certain, as even with the best will in the world, IT projects rarely run to schedule.  If the site comes up and is a bit wobbly, that'll basically be down to the hacker still trying to take down the server.

I'll try and update this later today if the site's still not up, but I have a hozzy appointment so might be a bit erratic in responding to emails etc.

Thanks for the messages of support etc. that have been trickling in... much appreciated. :o)

UPDATE: IT support have just confirmed that we should go live again today.


  1. Thanks for update Mike - best of luck getting it all fixed! Can be really demoralizing - must admit I really lost heart with the 32SIG forum I was running using PHP.BB a few years back - was hacked by some idiot (we think from Greece).

    Why is it there are always idiots that want to spoil it - and even more so when they attack unfunded enthusiast sites...

    I owe one Britmodeler a cheque - if he's reading this - it will be on it's way when I can get your address from the forum - I haven't forgotten about you!!

    See you all @ Telford!


  2. ah well. Ive done a pile on the model!
    Lets hope its sorted soon!

  3. Excellent news Mike - Andy (Tigerausfb)

  4. Great news. Best of luck Mike.

  5. Thanks for that folks... and to everyone that's using their BM name so that I can recognise you! :o)

  6. Thanks Mike - fingers crossed all goes well. And that the [censored] hacker gets his come-uppance.

    John Laidlaw

  7. Hi Mike - any more news on when the site will be back up today?

    regards Jonners

  8. Not sure yet Jon... just gotta wait til the boys with slide-rulers get it done. It's a new server from scratch, so quite time consuming.

  9. hi again - lets hope those slide rules are powered by Duracel then Mike. Fingers crossed and hope it all goes as smoothly as it can!