Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Wobbly again

Hello folks.  Looks like the server's having a wobble again... it could be our hacker back trying to make our life difficult, or an issue with the new server we're on, which thinking about it is entirely likely while a new server "beds in".  Be patient ;o)

Friday, 23 October 2009

5,4,3,2,1.... We're back in the room!

After a lot of hard work by our hosts, we're back online, which is nice :o)

There may be some continued disruption if the hacker is still up to no good, so bear with us... meantime, you can now stop doing the models, and get back to talking about doing models... Hmmm....

Well done to everyone for keeping yourselves amused while we were down, and thanks very much to our hosts for their hard work.

We'll be moving the domain name of the blog to a custom domain over the next few days, so if you lose the blog from your current link (I'm not sure if you will or won't), just re-direct yourself to - this isn't live at time of writing, but should be within 3 days of this post.

Happy camping ;o)

Not much to report yet today...

I thought I'd better say hello, even though there's not much to report at this stage today.  I've spoken to our hosts again, and the net closes in on the hacker(s).

I'm hoping that we'll be back online at some point today, but it's obviously in the hands of our hosts, so I can't be 100% certain, as even with the best will in the world, IT projects rarely run to schedule.  If the site comes up and is a bit wobbly, that'll basically be down to the hacker still trying to take down the server.

I'll try and update this later today if the site's still not up, but I have a hozzy appointment so might be a bit erratic in responding to emails etc.

Thanks for the messages of support etc. that have been trickling in... much appreciated. :o)

UPDATE: IT support have just confirmed that we should go live again today.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Update on server downtime

The server won't be fixed tomorrow (Weds 21/10/09), but we have more information about the possible attacker now, so we're hoping to get the forums back up by some time Thursday. Just keep yourselves busy and maybe do a bit of modelling... and surely not having the forums to distract you means you can work on your Group Build projects all the more?

Monday, 19 October 2009

Hack attack?

Hi everyone,

I've just been contacted by our hosts as they're currently investigating a suspected hack attack on the forums. They've turned off the forum software temporarily while they trace the issue, so please bear with us.

More news later :o)

Update: You should now be getting a 403 error, as the site's been taken offline by the hosts to prevent it crashing the server cluster we're on. The selfish actions of one hacker is affecting several thousand websites when BM is taken down, as it crashes the whole cluster.

Keep watching this space for updates.