Saturday, 20 June 2009

IPS Driver Errors

It seems that the IPS Driver errors haven't gone away over night, so I've contacted tech support for a resolution. These errors are caused when the database that holds all the forum data (posts, avatars, statistics) doesn't respond to the website's request for pages within a given timeframe.

While I'm waiting for a response from support, I'm going to optimise the tables, in case one has got a little corrupted.

UPDATE: The server has been re-started, which seems to have cured the issue from this end.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Instability of the database server 19/06/2009

The database server seems a little preoccupied tonight, so please bear with us if you're receiving the IPS Driver error. Click the little try again button to refresh your request.

Please though... if your post doesn't seem to be doing anything the first time you click "Submit", don't keep clicking away, as this will queue duplicate posts & make you look silly, whilst creating work for the over-stressed moderators.