Thursday, 7 May 2009

Normal service?

Good afternoon campers. I finally got to bed around 2am last night, after rebuilding the template that wraps all the forum in pretty graphics - called Skins by the technophiles. I have had a member of IPS's tech-support check through the whole of the forum's airspace, and they assure me that there's nothing untoward there now, and think that I'd probably fixed it before they got there.

A number of people are still reporting greeblies on their anti-virus/spamware software, and I suspect that's down to the persistency of their caches. If in doubt, clear your browser's cache, and delete all the temporary internet files. That should purge anything 'orrible that's still lurking.

I would also counsel that everyone that's had an issue runs a virus scan of their systems as a precaution, and checks any spamware/malware programs they have installed. I use SpybotSD, so if you don't have a suitable program already installed, it might be worth a look at that one.

I've been mooching round the forums for an hour or two now without any further issues, so if you're still suffering, clear your internet files down & try again. If you're still getting nasties after that, report it on the thread and we'll keep looking for possible sources of "infection".

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